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May 12–14, 2015Open Source Brain Workshop 2015 Alghero, Sardinia, ItalyThe third main meeting of the Open Source Brain initiative will be held 12-14 May 2015.
May 14–16, 2014Open Source Brain Workshop 2014 Alghero, Sardinia, ItalyBuilding and sharing models of the cortex. This will be the second main meeting of the Open Source Brain initiative.
November 6–7, 2013Open Source Brain Hackathon University College London, UKThe focus of this meeting was on open source multicompartmental, conductance based cortical cell & network models.
May 13–15, 2013 2013 NeuroML Meeting Development Workshop Sardinia, Italy NeuroML Development Workshop is merged into the Open Source Brain kickoff meeting in Alghero, Sardinia. More details on this meeting can be found here.
March 12–16, 2012 2012 NeuroML Development Workshop Informatics Forum in Edinburgh, UK The NeuroML workshop at was combined with the BrainScaleS (previously FACETS) CodeJam meeting.
March 31 & April 1, 2011 2011 NeuroML Development Workshop London A key outcome of third NeuroML meeting was the creation of a Scientific Committee for NeuroML.
June 17, 2010 Publication on NeuroML PLoS Computational Biology A paper describing the latest stable version of NeuroML has been published in PLoS Computational Biology: NeuroML: A Language for Describing Data Driven Models of Neurons and Networks with a High Degree of Biological Detail, P Gleeson, S Crook, RC Cannon, ML Hines, GO Billings, M Farinella, TM Morse, AP Davison,S Ray, US Bhalla, SR Barnes, YD Dimitrova,RA Silver.It describes in detail the structure of version 1.x (Levels 1-3,MorphML, ChannelML, NetworkML), includes a detailed discussion of the elements present at each level along with example NeuroML code (see the supporting textof the paper), outlines current simulator support,and presents a number of new cell and network models which have recently been converted to the format. These new models, including a morphologically detailed CA1 pyramidal cell and a number of cells from the Traub et al. 2005 thalamocortical network model are available here.
May 19, 2010 2010 NeuroML and SBML meeting European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK The Contributors to both of these initiatives discussed on the extensions needed in NeuroML version 2.0 to allow access to model elements specified in SBML and other model description languages.More details of the agenda items can be found here for NeuroML.
March 4–5, 2010 2010 NeuroML Development Workshop Arizona State University, USA The second NeuroML Development Workshop was held in Arizona State University to plan for version 2.0 of the NeuroML model description language. More details about the workshop are available here. For the meeting minutes, see the 2010 workshop report. There was also a Symposium on Multiscale Approaches to Understanding Neural Plasticity held at ASU before the main meeting and a number of tutorials on software for multiscale modeling given by the meeting participants on the following day.
October 7, 2009 2009 NeuroML and SBML meeting European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK First meeting between contributors to the NeuroML and SBML initiatives to discuss scenarios for creation of models incorporating elements from both modelling languages.
March 9–10, 2009 2009 NeuroML Development Workshop University College,London The focus of the workshop was to refine the specifications for describing models of channel kinetics and the biophysical properties of cells. Special thanks to the Wellcome Trust, the INCF, and the NSF for their generous support of this endeavour.
September 7-9, 2008 First NeuroML Demo Stockholm, Sweden. Padraig Gleeson and Sharon Crook conducted a demo of NeuroML at the 1st Congress of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility on Neuroinformatics
2008 CNS Workshop Portland, Oregon Padraig Gleeson and Sharon Crook moderated a workshop on "Interoperability of Software for Computational and Experimental Neuroscience" at the 2008 Computational Neuroscience Meeting.
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