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The changes in version 1.8.1 over version 1.8.0 (June 2009):

- Updated command line utility (at to use latest XSLs

- Changes to favour American English millimeter, etc. Made micrometer the preferred format for length_units rather than micron

- Updates to PSICS mapping to handle generic expressions for rates and parameters
- Some pre 1.7.3 format ChannelML elements names changed as they are deprecated, e.g. Deprecated_Ion
- Added element for STDP synapse, stdp_syn & mapping to NEURON
- Improved GENESIS gap junction behaviour, now works with hsolv-

- Minor update to allow site specific values for electrical input properties, e.g. different pulse input/spiking rate levels for
  cells in a set of inputs


The changes in version 1.8.0 over version 1.7.3 (Jan 2009):

- Updated all examples to use new form of ChannelML

- Added deprecated as possible value in status element
- Allowed multiple NeuronDB, ModelDB, NeuroMorpho entries
- Changed preferred form of lengthUnits to length_units

- Changed group subelement of parameter to have minOccurs=1
- Changed preferred form of variableParameter to variable_parameter

- Added initial PSICS mapping for channels. Only quite basic HH channels supported at the moment. Warnings
  will be given in mapped file about features in the CML file which are not yet supported
- Added conc_factor element in new ChannelML layout
- Changed preferred form of lengthUnits to length_units
- Updated NEURON & GENESIS mappings for gap junctions
- Changed preferred form of variableParameter to variable_parameter
- Added more deprecated element warnings in channelml

NetworkML/Level 3:
- Allowed zero potential_syn_loc subelements on connectivity element in Level 3 cell


The changes in version 1.7.3 over version 1.7.2 (Nov 2008):

- Updated Validator application to comply with new scheme, updated JSPs accordingly.

- Added possibility to reference NeuroMorpho entry

- Cell element's order of children changed to segments, cables, cellBody, spines, freePoints
- Segments element made required, only one instance allowed

- Added new expamples of a proposed change to ChannelML format based on Robert Cannon's suggestions. The gate
  element has been restructured to list states in the gating complex, and the transitions between them. The
  HTML mappings, and the NEURON/GENESIS XSD fiels have been updated to handle the new format (beta stage of testing!!)

- Made size a required attribute in instances, added optional size attribute to connections
- Set preferred attribute of target to be population instead of cell_group


The changes in version 1.7.2 over version 1.7.1 (July 2008):

- Updated v2.0 requirements page with easier to read status column
- Replaced MossyCell Level 1 example with Layer 2/3 Pyramidal cell morphology, as exported from NEURON in NeuroML
  format and converted to a 3D representation using the segment rotation features in neuroConstruct. Good example for
  X3D view.
- Updated NEURON NeuroML export files at to use latest
  names for spec_capacitance, passive_conductance, fract_along_parent, etc. and updated Pyramidal cell example

- Updated preferred attributes of transition for KSGate (source & target, not src & target)
- Set the preferred form of generic expression in a voltage gate to be <generic expr=XXX>
  as opposed to using an element called generic_equation_hh


The changes in version 1.7.1 over version 1.7 (April 2008):

- Reorganised Examples folder/Samples.jsp to separate out synaptic mechanism examples
  and added a number of new examples
- Added a number of the v2.0 changes as optional. Updated all examples (apart from
  OldNetworkInstance.xml) to conform to new scheme. See ReqVersion2.jsp for details.

- Added Point3D for Point without option of diameter (e.g. 3D location)

- fractAlongParent changed to fract_along_parent for naming consistency. Old form allowed until v2.0

- Added TimeConstantValueIncZero type to allow zero rise time for synapses
- Changed specificAxialResistance to spec_axial_resistance, etc. (PROVISIONAL!) in line
  with changes in ReqVersion2.jsp

- Changed preferred structure of CaPool. See ReqVersion2.jsp for details.
- Made rate expressions inside VoltageGate more flexible (gamma or zeta can be present)

- Made changes as noted in ReqVersion2.jsp. Updated Examples (and neuroConstruct export)
  to prefer new format. The current specifications, the HTML mappings and X3D mapping
  allow both options.
- Changed projections to require at least one projection sub element
- Changed potentialSynapticLocation to potential_syn_loc


The changes in version 1.7 over version 1.6 (Dec 2007):

Note: these changes go hand in hand with updates of the NEURON mappings to NeuroML at:

- Added a link to a Version 2.0 Requirements page, where ideas for updates/refinements can be added. Any suggestions for
  additions are welcome via the mailing list:

- Updated HTML view of cell morphology to detail cables/num of segs in them/cable groups

- Minor updates to layout of HTML view of XSD files

- Added type Percentage (0-100 inclusive)

- Added initial impl of X3D view of MorphML files, only lines for neurites so far. See X3D Support link...

- Added example of morphology (NeuroML Level 2) exported from NEURON (PyramidalCell.xml)

- Added optional parameter passiveConductance to bio:mechanism element, meaning that when params gmax and e are included,
  this mechanism is fully specified independent of a specific mechanism implementation.

- Added ion role PermeatedSubstanceFixedRevPot for, e.g. ca chans with fixed ca rev pot (there are models out there
  with this)

- Added optional ceiling param to Ca/DecayingPoolModel, to specify a max value the ion concentration can reach.
  Impls for NEURON & GENESIS updated

- Added support for CaPool with fixed value for dependence on calcium current into compartment (in DecayingPoolModel).
  Needed for Traub et al 2003

- Added optional size attribute to instances element in NetworkML. This is redundant information,
  but can be useful when the file is being parsed to allocate memory for an array of cells. NOTE:
  will very likely become REQUIRED in v2.0

- Added initial impl of X3D views of NetworkML files. Note: only pure NetworkML file supported,
  so single compartments for cell instances, segment_id ignored! See X3D Support link...


The changes in version 1.6 over version 1.5:

- Added <status> element in Metadata (used in channel_type, synapse_type, ion_concentration currently) which can be used to indicate
  stable/in_progress/known_issues status of files. Can be used to automatically detect unstable parts of complex models.
- Comment can be included with author info.
- Updated index.jsp to highlight 3 examples at each level as particularly useful to learn the structure of the specifications (suggestions for enhancements welcome).
- Enabled links from elements in (formatted) XML view of examples to HTML representation of XSDs (e.g. link from <meta:notes> to Metadata.xsd)
- Added Nicolas's XSDtoRNG.xsl to transform XSD files into Relax NG format

- Minor changes made to position of some <text>...</text> tags in NEURON/GENESIS mapping

- Removed ReversalPotentialValue, added ConductanceDensityValue
- Moved Units element to Metadata

- Allowed extra rate params (gamma, zeta) in case tau/inf need to be expressed in parameterised forms other than alpha and beta (see Kdr.xml)
- Included fixed_q10 option, when a Q10 adjustment should be included but is specified for only one temperature

- num_per_source made required and max_per_target made optional in PerCellConnection, and restrictions on values updated.
- Added non_spatial_grid option to GridArrangement, to specify a grid in a network simulation where 3D location is unimportant