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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    This example shows a Level 3 compliant file, containing a simple network

<networkml xmlns=""  


<meta:notes>A simple network, where neither exact positions nor connection instances are specified. Only a pattern for
    placing the population and a set of connectivity rules are described.

<population name="CellGroupA" cell_type="CellA">
<pop_location>     <!-- A number of cells are arranged randomly in 3D space in a spherical region-->
<meta:center x="0" y="0" z="0" diameter="100"/>
<population name="CellGroupB" cell_type="CellB">
<pop_location>     <!-- A number of cells are arranged in 3D space in a spherical region-->
<meta:center x="100" y="0" z="0" diameter="100"/>

<projections units="Physiological Units">
<projection name="NetworkConnection" source="CellGroupA" target="CellGroupA">
<synapse_props synapse_type="DoubExpSynA" internal_delay="5" weight="1" threshold="-20"/>
<per_cell_connection direction = "PreToPost" num_per_source= "3" max_per_target = "2"/>

<inputs units="SI Units">
<input name="RandomInput"> <!-- A random 20Hz stimulation applied to 50% of the cells -->
<random_stim frequency="20" synaptic_mechanism="DoubExpSynA" />
<target population="CellGroupA">
<percentage_cells percentage="50"/>