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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    This example shows a Level 3 compliant file, containing a simple network distributed over a number of nodes

<networkml xmlns=""  


<meta:notes>A network with a single cell group with interconnections. Node ids are specified to indicate the distribution
                of the cells over a number of computational nodes.

<population name="CellGroupA" cell_type="CellA">
<meta:notes>A population physically separated into 2 groups of 3. Each group is on its own node.</meta:notes>
<instances size="6">
<instance id="0" node_id="0"><location x="0" y="0" z="0"/></instance>
<instance id="1" node_id="0"><location x="100" y="0" z="0"/></instance>
<instance id="2" node_id="0"><location x="200" y="0" z="0"/></instance>
<instance id="3" node_id="1"><location x="0" y="100" z="0"/></instance>
<instance id="4" node_id="1"><location x="100" y="100" z="0"/></instance>
<instance id="5" node_id="1"><location x="200" y="100" z="0"/></instance>
<projections units="Physiological Units">
<projection name="NetworkConnection" source="CellGroupA" target="CellGroupA">
<meta:notes>There are 3 connections inside each of the groups, but only one between them. </meta:notes>
<synapse_props synapse_type="DoubExpSynA" internal_delay="5" weight="1" threshold="-20"/>
<!-- Connections on node 0 -->
<connection id="0" pre_cell_id="0" post_cell_id="1"/>
<connection id="1" pre_cell_id="1" post_cell_id="2"/>
<connection id="2" pre_cell_id="2" post_cell_id="0"/>
<!-- Connection between nodes -->
<connection id="3" pre_cell_id="1" post_cell_id="5"/>
<!-- Connections on node 1 -->
<connection id="4" pre_cell_id="3" post_cell_id="4"/>
<connection id="5" pre_cell_id="4" post_cell_id="5"/>
<connection id="6" pre_cell_id="5" post_cell_id="3"/>