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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<morphml xmlns=""    

<cell name="CellWithCables">
<meta:notes>Test cell for showing mapping to NEURON/GENESIS when cables/sections are specified
                 (e.g. as in a MorphML file where the segments have been grouped into cables
                 in preparation for mapping to a neuronal simulator)
<meta:property tag="Neuron type" value="Abstract"/> <!-- Preferred form for property element since v1.7.1 -->
<!-- Soma segment-->
<segment id= "0" name = "SomaSeg" cable = "0">
<proximal x="0" y="0" z="0" diameter="10"/>
<distal x="10" y="0" z="0" diameter="10"/>
<!-- Segments in cable 1-->
<segment id= "1" name = "DendSeg1" parent = "0" cable = "1">
<proximal x="5" y="0" z="0" diameter="5"/>
<distal x="5" y="10" z="0" diameter="5"/>
<segment id= "2" name = "DendSeg2" parent = "1" cable = "1">
<!-- No need for proximal point: taken from distal of parent-->
<distal x="5" y="20" z="0" diameter="5"/>            
<segment id= "3" name = "DendSeg3" parent = "2" cable = "1">
<distal x="5" y="30" z="0" diameter="5"/>
<!-- Segments in cable 2-->  
<segment id= "4" name = "DendSeg4" parent = "0" cable = "2">
<proximal x="10" y="0" z="0" diameter="3"/> <!-- Note 3D point same as parent, diam different-->
<distal x="10" y="0" z="10" diameter="3"/>
<segment id= "5" name = "DendSeg5" parent = "4" cable = "2">
<distal x="10" y="0" z="20" diameter="3"/>
<cable id= "0" name = "SomaSec">
<!-- The two dendritic cables are in group dendrite_group -->

<cable id= "1" name = "DendSec1" fract_along_parent="0.5">

<cable id= "2" name = "DendSec2">