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<!-- This is out of date. It was the initial ChannelDB suggestion for the ChannelML format. The current
     ChannelML specification covers this type of channel description -->

<neuroml class="DBChannel" description="Hodgkin-Huxley squid Na channel" author="Dave Beeman"
      keywords="Hodgkin-Huxley sodium fast Na squid"
      notes="An implemention of the GENESIS Na_squid_hh channel" Erest="-0.07V"

<channel name="Na_squid_hh" class="HHChannel" permeantSpecie="Na" Erev="0.045V"
            Gmax="1200.0S/m^2" ivlaw="ohmic"

<gate name="X" class="HHVGate" timeUnit="sec" voltageUnit="V" vmin="-0.1" vmax="0.05"
                  instantCalculation="false" useState="false" power="3"

<forwardRate class="ParameterizedHHRate" A="-4500" B="-100000"
                     C="-1.0" D="1.0" E="0.045" F="-0.01"/

<backwardRate class="ParameterizedHHRate" A="4000.0" B="0.0" C="0.0" D="1.0"
                     E="0.07" F="0.018"/

<gate name="Y" class="HHVGate" timeUnit="sec" voltageUnit="V" vmin="-0.1" vmax="0.05"
                  instantCalculation="false" useState="false" power="1"

<forwardRate class="ParameterizedHHRate" A="70.0" B="0.0" C="0.0" D="1.0" E="0.07"

<backwardRate class="ParameterizedHHRate" A="1000.0" B="0.0" C="1.0" D="1.0"
                     E="0.04" F="-0.01"/

<log author="Dave Beeman" date="Jul 9, 2002 11:11:46 PM"
               literatureReference="A.L. Hodgkin and A.F. Huxley, J. Physiol. (Lond) 117, pp 500-544 (1952)"