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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<channelml xmlns=""
       units="Physiological Units"

<meta:notes>ChannelML file describing a plastic synaptic mechanism</meta:notes>
<synapse_type name="STPSynapse">
<status value="stable">
<meta:comment>ChannelML file featuring Short Term Plasticity. Based on the model of Markram and Tsodyks.
            See mapping to NEURON for more details on implementation of model
<meta:name>Padraig Gleeson</meta:name>
<meta:notes>Example of a synaptic mechanism incorporating short term plasticity</meta:notes>
<fac_dep_syn max_conductance="1.63934426E-6" rise_time="1" decay_time="2" reversal_potential="0">
<plasticity init_release_prob="0.61" tau_fac="12" tau_rec="12"/>