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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<channelml xmlns=""
    units="Physiological Units"

<meta:notes>ChannelML file describing a single synaptic mechanism</meta:notes>
<synapse_type name="AlphaSyn">
<status value="stable">
<meta:name>Padraig Gleeson</meta:name>
<meta:notes>Simple example of a synaptic mechanism (an alpha synapse), which consists of a postsynaptic conductance which
        jumps to max_conductance after a time rise_time (= decay_time) and decays with a similar time course.
         Mappings exist for NEURON and GENESIS.
<meta:modelName>Receptor properties</meta:modelName>
<doub_exp_syn max_conductance="1.0E-5" rise_time="2" decay_time="2" reversal_potential="0"/>