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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<channelml xmlns=""    
    xsi:schemaLocation="     ../../Schemata/v1.8.0/Level2/ChannelML_v1.8.0.xsd"
    units="Physiological Units"

<meta:notes>ChannelML file containing a single Channel description</meta:notes>        

<channel_type name="leak" density="yes">
<status value="stable"/>

<meta:notes>Simple example of a leak/passive conductance. Note: for GENESIS cells with a single leak conductance,
        it is better to use the Rm and Em variables for a passive current.

<current_voltage_relation  cond_law="ohmic" ion="non_specific" default_erev="-54.3" default_gmax="0.3"/>