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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<channelml xmlns=""
    units="Physiological Units"

<meta:notes>Example of 5 state kinetic scheme K conductance specified in ChannelML.</meta:notes>

<channel_type name="KChannelKS">

<meta:notes>K conductance with 5 kinetic states. NOTE: currently a mapping is only provided
                    to the NEURON Channel Builder format and PSICS

<current_voltage_relation cond_law="ohmic" ion="k" default_gmax="36" default_erev="-77.0">
<gate name="n" instances="1">
<closed_state id="n0" />
<closed_state id="n1" />
<closed_state id="n2" />
<closed_state id="n3" />
<open_state id="n" fraction="1"/>
<transition name="alpha_n0_n1" from="n0" to="n1" expr_form="exp_linear"  
                            rate="0.4"   scale="10"  midpoint="-55" /

<transition name="beta_n0_n1"  from="n1" to="n0" expr_form="exponential"
                            rate="0.125" scale="-80" midpoint="-65" /

<transition name="alpha_n1_n2" from="n1" to="n2" expr_form="exp_linear"  
                            rate="0.3"   scale="10"  midpoint="-55" /

<transition name="beta_n1_n2"  from="n2" to="n1" expr_form="exponential"
                            rate="0.25"  scale="-80" midpoint="-65" /

<transition name="alpha_n2_n3" from="n2" to="n3" expr_form="exp_linear"  
                            rate="0.2"   scale="10"  midpoint="-55" /

<transition name="beta_n2_n3"  from="n3" to="n2" expr_form="exponential"
                            rate="0.375" scale="-80" midpoint="-65" /

<transition name="alpha_n3_n"  from="n3" to="n"  expr_form="exp_linear"  
                            rate="0.1"   scale="10"  midpoint="-55" /

<transition name="beta_n3_n"   from="n" to="n3"  expr_form="exponential"
                            rate="0.5"   scale="-80" midpoint="-65" /