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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<channelml xmlns=""
    units="SI Units"

<meta:notes>A channel from Maex, R and De Schutter, E. Synchronization of Golgi and Granule Cell Firing in a
    Detailed Network Model of the Cerebellar Granule Cell Layer
<channel_type name="Gran_KCa_98">
<status value="stable">
<meta:issue>This ChannelML file is intended ONLY to replicate the original GENESIS functionality. A new Granule cell model is being developed based on
                D'Angelo et al 2001 and Berends, Maex and De Schutter 2005, and the ChannelML files will be updated
<meta:name>Padraig Gleeson</meta:name>
<meta:notes>Calcium concentration dependent K+ channel</meta:notes>
<meta:name>Maex, R.</meta:name>
<meta:name>De Schutter, E.</meta:name>
<meta:name>Padraig Gleeson</meta:name>
<meta:email>p.gleeson - at -</meta:email>
<meta:fullTitle>Maex, R and De Schutter, E.
           Synchronization of Golgi and Granule Cell Firing in a Detailed Network Model of the
           cerebellar Granule Cell Layer. J Neurophysiol, Nov 1998; 80: 2521 - 2537

<meta:modelName>K+ channels</meta:modelName>

<current_voltage_relation cond_law="ohmic" ion="k" default_gmax="0.179811" default_erev="-0.09">
<conc_dependence name="Calcium" ion="ca" charge="2" variable_name="ca_conc" min_conc="7.55e-7" max_conc="0.050"/>
<q10_settings q10_factor="3" experimental_temp="17.350264793"/>
<offset value="0.010"/>
<gate name="m" instances="1">
<closed_state id="m0"/>
<open_state id="m"/>
<transition name="alpha" from="m0" to="m" expr_form="generic" expr="2500/(1 + ( (1.5e-3 *(exp (-85*v))) / ca_conc))" />
<transition name="beta" from="m" to="m0" expr_form="generic" expr="1500/(1 + (ca_conc / (1.5e-4 * (exp (-77*v)))))" />