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ChannelML file describing a single synaptic mechanism

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Synapse: AlphaSyn

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Contributor: Padraig Gleeson
As described in ChannelML file
Simple example of a synaptic mechanism (an alpha synapse), which consists of a postsynaptic conductance which jumps to max_conductance after a time rise_time (= decay_time) and decays with a similar time course. Mappings exist for NEURON and GENESIS.
Reference in NeuronDB Receptor properties

Synaptic Mechanism Model: Double Exponential Synapse

The model underlying the synaptic mechanism

Expression for conductance
G(t) = max_conductance * A * ( e-t/decay_time - e-t/rise_time )    for t >= 0
where the normalisation factor is:
A = 1
e-peak_time / decay_time - e -peak_time / rise_time
and the time to reach max conductance is:
peak_time = (decay_time * rise_time)/(decay_time - rise_time) * ln(decay_time/rise_time)
Note that if rise_time = 0 this simplifies to a single exponential synapse:
G(t) = max_conductance * e-t/decay_time    for t >= 0
Note also if decay_time = rise_time = alpha_time, the waveform is for an alpha synapse with peak at alpha_time:
G(t) = max_conductance * (t/alpha_time) * e( 1 - t/alpha_time)    for t >= 0
Maximum conductance
The peak conductance which the synapse will reach
1.0E-5 mS
Rise time
Characteristic time (tau) over which the double exponential synaptic conductance rises
2 ms
Decay time
Characteristic time (tau) over which the double exponential synaptic conductance decays
2 ms
Reversal potential
The effective reversal potential for the ion flow through the synapse when the conductance is non zero
0 mV

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