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Computational models based on detailed neuroanatomical and electrophysiological data have been used for many years as an aid for understanding the function of the nervous system. NeuroML is an international, collaborative initiative to develop a language for describing detailed models of neural systems.

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The aims of the NeuroML initiative are:
  • To create specifications for an XML-based language that describes the biophysics, anatomy and network architecture of neuronal systems at multiple scales,
  • To facilitate the exchange of complex neuronal models between researchers, allowing for greater transparency and accessibility of models,
  • To promote software tools which support NeuroML and support the development of new software and databases for neural modeling, and
  • To encourage researchers with models within the scope of NeuroML to exchange and publish their models in this format.

The NeuroML specifications are developed by the NeuroML Editorial Board, overseen by the Scientific Committee.

The NeuroML project focuses on the development of an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) based description language that provides a common data format for defining and exchanging descriptions of neuronal cell and network models. The current approach in the project uses XML schemas to define the model specifications.

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